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Never forget the roots. Yes, gaming and Esports have grown up. Yes, it’s a scaling business eco system and powerful environment for brands. But hell no, it’s no projection surface for FOMO hardliners and short-term opportunists.

The rise of gaming and technology has just started—we think beyond. Beyond Esports and gaming. Whether it will be blockchain, NFT, metaverse or human tech.

Leveraging the power of gaming, Esports & tech to add value for brands & customers

It’s all about combining two worlds: Brands and gaming and about finding the perfect mixture and authentic combination.

We bring brands to life beyond awareness & image.

Turning experiences into long-term communications by thinking full-funnel

Pull-Marketing means reaching our hand to gamers. Where they are. Whether on real life events, in-game, via Esports competition.

Offering them added value and guiding them to our customers brands, services and products.

Real. Digital. And anywhere.

combining business- oriented thinking with operational excellence

We are hardcore KPI-driven strategists as well as empathic parts of the gaming community.

We are combining brain and heart as well as consulting and activation services to deliver our customers message to the audience.

From the community for the community.

Digitization, gamification and applied game mechanics are the key success factors of our industry

No matter if you play or watch, it’s about the small steps, the immediate feedback on your skills, the creative reward systems and the globally connected communities where everyone can participate and engage at any given time.

Technology is just the breeding ground for new experiences and marketing activities.

We are working with the
best brands
in sports and Esports

We are on the mission to play on the big stages

Solo Queue brought us here, but we are tired of our mates being AFK. That’s why we’ve teamed up to have the best heroes on the entire map to consistently play on high ELO.

What we all have in common is the dedication for innovative storytelling and community-driven experiences. We are very emotional in the game, but trust in the power of data and smart strategies in the match preparation.

The Heads of the Apollo GG Team
The Apollo GG Team
Portrait of Michael Schillinger
Portrait of Marvin Ronsdorf
Portrait of Malte Hedderich
Portrait of Nancy Bienhold

Our team consists of gamers, brand strategists, storytelling experts and Esports fans, activation gurus and tech-loving futurists.

If that resonates with you, don’t hesitate to email us—we are always looking for new teammates.

We are attention traders
we are the apollo family

We founded Apollo GG because we believe in the positive impact of experts and curiousity

Our team combines a decade of sports and entertainment marketing excellence of Apollo18 with the experience of former professional gamers from bpartGaming

We value and protect progressive, inclusive values—by gamers for gamers. Into the future. We are proud this has lead to Apollo GG joining the server as a joint venture between both parties in 2021, nearly 10 years after Apollo18 was founded.

This makes us almost 40 team players now with our core creative spaces being in Berlin and Frankfurt. However, gaming and Esports is happening 24/7 worldwide, so for us it’s more about how we work and less about from where.

A fast-growing, multi-dimensional industry demands many skills. We focus on a few of them and strive for excellence in executing them.

  • Strategy
  • Rights holder management
  • KPI- & data-driven concepts
  • Storytelling
  • Content creation
  • Activation

For everything else, we team up with trusted partner agencies and freelancers we know for many years. We put the aspirations of our customers in the center and our egos aside.

Make Rules Play Fair Walk the extra mile Be a Team

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Happy to help and ready for take off!

Whether it is pure curiousity, networking for mutual benefit or desperate business need. We are happy to help. Just reach out to us via hello@apollogg.com or +49 (69) 87 000 69 10 and we will come back to you asap.

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